Gentlemen trailer

Mikael Marcimain's long awaited feature film Gentlemen based on the books Gentlemen and Gangsters written by Klas Östergren has been in production at Chimney during spring and summer 2014. Over 150 VFX shots are used in order to transform Stockholm of today to Stockholm of the sixties and seventies. The VFX work entails, amongst other things, a recreation of Slussen, create environments for Stockholm, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen, anything ranging from dirty facades to hiding modern lamps and - last but not least - a running giraffe.

Chimney’s colorist Mats Holmgren has graded the film and the sound mix was done by Per Nyström. The project was one of the biggest 35mm undertakings Chimney has done so far for one feature film. We had more than 300 lab rolls scanned by the Warsaw office.

The film premiers at the Toronto Film Festival early September 2014.